Sunday Sauce: Bookish Dads

Happy Father’s Day!

In celebration I thought we could chat, on this first Sunday-Sauce blogspot, about our favorite Bookish-Dads. I’ve picked and listed (5) of my favorites below! Did you love any of these bookish-fellows as much as I did? Who would you add to this list?

5 of my Favorite Bookish-Dads:

(1) Harry Potter is chalked full with different characters which people could personally align in a “Fatherly” role – but Arthur Weasley takes the cake, in my opinion. He was funny, imperfect, awkwardly charming, and loved his family in a tangible way across those pages.

(2) Luke is one of my favorite characters in the entire Mortal Instruments series. He’s steady, reliable, patient, and loves Clary as if she was his own. I adore the way the books originally depicted him. (Not the way the show or the movie did. Blah.)

(3) For those who have never had the pleasure of reading Soulless by Gail Carriger (An Alexia Tarabotti Novel) – let me tell you, there is wit abundant between the covers. It is such a fun series – tea and vampires and werewolves, oh my! Alexia’s step-father (Herbert Loontwill) is a very, very minor character but made me laugh in his invisibility. He didn’t say much but when he did, I was guaranteed a chuckle. Alexia’s family is, honestly, comprised of pretty horrible people but they were at least colorful:

“Let us be perfectly clear here,’ said Squire Loontwill. ‘You are willing to marry our Alexia, even though she is… well…,’ he floundered. Felicity came to his rescue. ‘Old.’ Evylin added, ‘And plain.’ ‘And tan,’ said Felicity. The squire continued. ‘And so extraordinarily assertive.”

(4) Atticus Finch is still one of my most beloved characters to this day. To Kill a Mockingbird may be loved or hated for a multitude of reasons across the spectrum (for justifiable reasons) but during my pre-teens/early teens/early twenties (as I continued to re-read it through the years), Atticus was the type of Bookish-Dad which resonated with me personally.

(5) King Priam of Troy is also one of my all-time favorite “classic lit” Dads. He was a gentle, wise, and (in the end) humble ruler throughout the pages of The Iliad. Not a lot of classic literature scenes have truly stuck with me over the years but when Priam sneaks into the Greek camp to see Achilles (alone) and kneels to beg for his son’s body…THAT is still one of my favorite passages in literature.

Again, Happy Father’s Day to those who proudly answer to “Dad” or any other form of the role!

I thought I’d share a few pictures of my own Daddy, in his element. This man is intelligent, driven, and truly one of my best friends. He lives for the outdoors, works his butt off, and can cook a mean steak. I am so blessed he is mine. (And if you can’t tell, he’s also one of my favorite people to photograph.)

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