Bookish Habits: Flat Lays

Here’s the thing:

I haven’t felt very inspired lately. Not in my writing. Not in my reading. Not in my photographing. And isn’t that a killer vibe, especially when you know it’s all just a part of the cycle? A high you come off of when you have a million ideas churning inside your head and your heart – then, suddenly, BAM! Notta.

So, I thought today I’d share some of my old flat lays and hope it rekindles some bookish-motivation + drive for NEW ideas. **Fingers are officially crossed.**

Note: Faith and Fern was my previous bookstagram handle (if you notice the watermark). I didn’t pirate these from some poor, unknowing bookworm across the vast, world-wide-web.

  1. I like to incorporate old things: bottles, gas cans, typewriters.
  2. I like to incorporate my plants. (Mainly because I’m just proud they’re still alive, ya know?)
  3. And the flat-lay background is actually a palette desk that my brother built himself and used for a t.v. stand. (I hijacked it when they moved and refuse to ever give it back.) It’s next to the north window and has all the natural light goodness we hope for, for the ‘Gram.

I want to stick with these primary elements but am unsure how to “mix it up” each week. There was a momentary change of background (whitewashed palettes vs. the natural, stained look – I know, I know: I am a risk taker) but, in the end, I feel most comfortable and inspired with the darker look.

Any suggestions? *Layout, props, lighting, editing, etc. I’ll take any constructive criticism you guys are willing to offer!

Happy Tuesday, from our house to yours!


P.S. – I figured now would be as good a time as any to spam you with puppy pictures.

This is Junah – he’s (1) and my “level-headed baby.” He’s the chill one of the bunch, with a rotten sense of humor, and a really quick learner!
This is Hagan – he’s (5). This guy was my “first” – the first dog I owned living alone. He’s protective, gentle with kids, and is my adventure buddy!

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