T5W: Fitness + Training Regimens

August 26th Prompt: Fitness and Training Regimens
“A lot of us tend to read fantasy/adventure type fiction, and I swear some of these characters have lethal skills and would probably be elite athletes, and it would be interesting to see how they learnt their skills and how much effort went into it. These are characters that you would like to see their fitness/training routines. And this could be how they learnt to use magic/powers or different weapons.” (Prompt via the Top 5 Wednesday Goodreads Group)

So, I feel like a lot of the books I love thoroughly go into detail on how specific characters gain their fighting/elemental prowess. Whether that be: they were raised to be a soldier, they were trained by an older mentor, they learned through mistakes etc.

I think this week I’ll simply choose five, power-house female characters I’d like to workout with.

(Seems easy enough, huh?)

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Journal: “Alder”

My name pouring out of your mouth is berries on the vine and barnwood in the sun; three syllables ricocheting like bird shot in my rib cage and leaving me aching for the taste of your smoking temper. Charred apple and alder and maple love-letters from your bottom lip to mine, gentle as creek water over broken stone, steaming at the edges. Bean fields lit with western fire, crumbling glass hothouses and dragonflies spinning kaleidoscope thread between bridge piers.

T5W: Dream Adaptations

August 19, 2020 prompt: Dream Adaptations
Books you would like to see adapted on screen. Would you prefer tv or film? Live action or animated? What moments would you most want to see? Ideal castings?

Posted via the Top 5 Wednesday discussion group on Goodreads. Come join for weekly prompts and lots of bookish conversation! Thanks, Gabrielle for this new month’s worth of prompts!

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Recent Poetry Read-a-thon | Mini-Reviews

I think we all handled (and continue to handle) quarantine in our own individual ways. I, myself, made the assumption I’d be extra productive and possibly read more than ever. In the end, I wasn’t wrong per se but I wasn’t exactly right either. Can anybody relate?

One good thing to come out of all that alone time, was an ants-under-my-skin, blog-worthy poetry read-a-thon. It was the perfect mix of classic words + modern ones and reignited me in a time of very little emotional inspiration.

I ended up flying through six poetry books before I finally hit the “crash” button. Usually, when reading poetry, I absorb collections little by little (not in one-sitting) but this go ’round, I gulped them down. Maybe because it ended up being such a good mix of reliable old favorites and new interests. Maybe because, overall, it was a decent haul. Maybe because it was quarantine-2020. Who knows? Either way: I read them all quickly.

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Book Ripples: My Oxford Year by Julia Whelan

“Book Ripples” are my spin on “If you liked (blank), then you’ll love (blank)!” style book recommendations. When I share these Book Ripples, I don’t always mean to say they (the featured books) are the same genre of book, the same style of writing, or the same type of material but simply: some part of Book A sent out a little ripple in my brain that made me think of Book B.

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Bookish Habits: Flat Lays

Here’s the thing:

I haven’t felt very inspired lately. Not in my writing. Not in my reading. Not in my photographing. And isn’t that a killer vibe, especially when you know it’s all just a part of the cycle? A high you come off of when you have a million ideas churning inside your head and your heart – then, suddenly, BAM! Notta.

So, I thought today I’d share some of my old flat lays and hope it rekindles some bookish-motivation + drive for NEW ideas. **Fingers are officially crossed.**

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Journal: “Sunlight on a Stranger’s Skin”

“I want to be sunlight on a stranger’s skin, the same way my mother’s voice gently coaxes them awake during a parking lot conversation. She is a brass compass in a dark wood and the familiar grain of a kitchen floor under a messy breakfast table. Her heartbeats are the grandfather clock you hear down the hall. She is the raw rip of sympathy you feel between your ribs when you see someone crying at the gas station and she breathes out, into the air, tenderness like a bird unfurling her wings.

I want to be thunder in the soles of my boots, the same way my father’s voice pulls answers from the wind. He is the kiss of December frost along a fence-line and all the fixed constellations you gaze at with tired eyes; a lighthouse beckoning you home from the white-capped sea aboard a boat built in beams of retreat. His essence is the smell of coffee when you wake, the morning still tucked dark behind the curtains. He is the soul-shredding pride you feel when your baby giggles at you across a room and he sighs out, into the air, cleverness like leaves unfurling on an ancient oak.”

  • Brianna (6-21-2020)

Sunday Sauce: Bookish Dads

Happy Father’s Day!

In celebration I thought we could chat, on this first Sunday-Sauce blogspot, about our favorite Bookish-Dads. I’ve picked and listed (5) of my favorites below! Did you love any of these bookish-fellows as much as I did? Who would you add to this list?

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Bookish Habits: Post-it Notes

NOTE OF CAUTION: I’m about to really upset some of you in this post but I’m just going to say it, up front, and warn you:

I write in ALL my books.

Yes, all of them. Doesn’t matter if it’s fiction, poetry, non-fiction, a Bible study, or a cook book. I write. Inside. Them. All. And, not only do I write in them, but I also am a huge Post-it user. A “flag advocate” if you will. A fan of the flags.

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Review: The Jackaby Novels

There’s something to be said for books which are simply fun and quirky to read; quick-reads with witty one-liners and fun whimsical characters.

There’s something to be said (even more so) if the same books are captivating and clever at the same time.

In lies The Jackaby Novels by William Ritter, a series of four books: Jackaby, Beastly Bones, Ghostly Echoes, and The Dire King. The books were published in the years spanning 2014-2017 and each received (4) stars across the board in my reading journal – both the first time I read them and for the 2020 re-read.

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