Recent Poetry Read-a-thon | Mini-Reviews

I think we all handled (and continue to handle) quarantine in our own individual ways. I, myself, made the assumption I’d be extra productive and possibly read more than ever. In the end, I wasn’t wrong per se but I wasn’t exactly right either. Can anybody relate? One good thing to come out of allContinue reading “Recent Poetry Read-a-thon | Mini-Reviews”

Sunday Sauce: Bookish Dads

Happy Father’s Day! In celebration I thought we could chat, on this first Sunday-Sauce blogspot, about our favorite Bookish-Dads. I’ve picked and listed (5) of my favorites below! Did you love any of these bookish-fellows as much as I did? Who would you add to this list?

Bookish Habits: Post-it Notes

NOTE OF CAUTION: I’m about to really upset some of you in this post but I’m just going to say it, up front, and warn you: I write in ALL my books. Yes, all of them. Doesn’t matter if it’s fiction, poetry, non-fiction, a Bible study, or a cook book. I write. Inside. Them. All.Continue reading “Bookish Habits: Post-it Notes”